Guide Able Catch Pantry Moth Traps

Glad you stopped by to learn more about how to use Able Catch Moth Traps.  (If you need future access to this guide just scan the Guide QR Code ( ) on the outside of the trap).  Or read the origins of the Able Catch Moth Trap Design to discover how these inventive pheromone traps came to be.

Eco-Responsible Moth Traps

Able Catch Pantry Pest Traps are a new generation of eco-responsible moth traps.  Able Catch Traps are shipped flat, have no wasteful external packaging and the directions are printed on the inside of each trap. Each “trap sheet” contains two Able Catch Moth Traps, each with an attached individually wrapped lure.  (Depending on the quantity you have purchased you may have multiple “trap sheets”.)

Simple Directions:

Simple directions are printed on the inside of the trap and assembly can be as easy as set lure, “insert tab through slot”.

  • Prefold on center line, then separate along middle into two traps.
  • Remove the protective liner, open the lure and drop on the bullseye
  • Insert tab through slot and place near moths

Step by Step Directions:

Directions can be found :  on the inside of the able catch trap, on the Able Catch Moth Trap Directions page, and a quick summary below:
The directions fall into 3 major steps:

1>  READY ( Split, Prefold, Date)

2> SET       ( Peel, Bait, Fold, Place / Hang )

3> TRAP    ( Inspect, Replace )


Able Catch moth traps can go where no moth traps have gone before.   They can practically fly with the wings integrated into the tab.

These wings allow the able catch pantry pest trap to gain 3 additional placement mechanisms..

  1. Tuck  ( using the wing edges or trap neck )
  2. Hook  ( SLIM or DEEP using the Short or Long Wing Arms )
  3. Loop  ( using a Stack Grip or Clasp Grip )

As you explore the links to the Tab Wing deployment guide, we’ll share the practically limitless ways you can use the moth trap to win your war on moths.

Feel free to send in your own pictures and tips…

( Presently the Able Catch Moth Trap is only available to beta testers.  Full consumer release is just around the corner Able Catch is now available from and TrapsDirect  with more vendors soon.)