Able Catch Moth Trap Directions

Directions for Able Catch Moth Trap

Able Catch Instructions

Able Catch – It’s how to get rid of moths.

We’re glad you decided to choose the Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap ( ACPPT ) to solve your indian meal moth infestation problem.   You’ll find the moth trap to be straight forward and easily Use-“Able

Moth Trap Packaging

The Able Catch Moth Trap has been designed to be a socially response-ABLE pantry pest control solution.   The eco friendly goal is to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.  Part of that eco-responsibility begins with the Moth Trap Package, particularly that there is no package.  No paper board box or printed plastic cellophane wrapper surround our pantry moth traps… Meaning there is no packaging to discard.  Sustainable design of our non-packaging meets the eco goal of Reduce.

Trap Assembly Directions

Like wise, there are no separate assembly instructions, the instructions are printed on the inside of the trap, exactly where you need them, when you need them… And then the directions are hidden beneath the trapped moths.   Embedded directions meets the Re-Use goal.  Additionally, as you know by reading this post, directions for using the traps are fully explained here on the Able Catch Guide.

Glance Able – Food Moth Trap Directions

Looking at the trap, you will find the instructions have been distilled into 3 steps.   It’s as easy as:

  1. Ready
  2. Set
  3. Trap

Within each step on the left are the Action keywords, and on the right side are details for each Action keyword.   For example under 3. Trap there are two Action keywords, INSPECT and REPLACE to the right of REPLACE are the details of “every 3 months or when full”.   The Action Keyword, is considered part of the directions so you in detail: “REPLACE every 3 months or when full”.

Odds are you will only ever need to use the Action Directions (on the right) once or twice, because they become self explanatory.   Over time, you’ll find the directions to be Glance ABLE  only needing to read the ACTIONS.   

Beyond just ACTIONs being Glance-able, you’ll also find the StepsReady“, “Set” , “Trap” are essentially high level Glance-able.

Step by Step Actions

So with concepts down, let’s look at the Steps and Actions (every Step will also have a full blog post for it’s Actions and Directions )

1. Ready

    Fold both traps in half on blue line labeled “ 2 – fold – 2 “Fold the traps along the middle, separating into individual moth traps
    Fold along remaining two fold lines “1 – fold – 1”  and “3 – fold -3
  • DATE
    Write the Month and Day on the outside of the trap
    Optionally scan the QR code to set a trap change reminder

2. Set

  • PEEL
    Slowly Remove the release film exposing the active trap surface (glue)
  • BAIT
    Open the lure, and drop onto the green and blue bullseye (don’t touch the lure)
  • FOLD
    Insert the tab end , through the slot
    Locate the trap where moths have been seen
  • HANG (optional)
    Bend tab outer edge (tab wings) for Hook, Loop or Tuck placement

3. Trap

    Check weekly, lure only attracts breeding adult male moths
    Once the trap is full, replace it.  Or at least every 3 months