1. Ready • Date

Printed instructions:

( Located on the inside of the ABLE CATCH Pantry Pest Trap:
1. Ready – Date )

DATE      record date on other side

Detailed Instructions & Video:

On the outside of the Trap (green Side) the bottom of the trap contains 3 sections (left to right):

  1. DATE
    this box is to record the month and day the trap is placed.
    Keep in mind the trap works for 3 months.
  2. Web Supportable catch pantry pest ready date
    Set Reminder
    Placement Guide
    are accessible at
    scan the code to goto
    to access Web Support information for the Able Catch Traps.

Recording the date is ultimately optional, but because the trap lasts 3 months, it is helpful to know when the lure / trap need to be replaced.


The previous optional step PREFOLD, folded the trap along ‘1 – fold – 1‘ and ‘3 – fold – 3‘ to make assembly a bit easier.

Up Next:

In the next Step PEEL, you’ll remove the protective film to activate the trap.