2. Set  • HANG (optional)

Printed instructions:

( Located on the inside of the ABLE CATCH Pantry Pest Trap:
2. Set – HANG (optional)

HANG      bend TAB edges into hooks (see Able Catch Guide Online)

Detailed Instructions:

Able Catch Traps have integrated TAB WINGS, that can be deployed to attach the trap to a variety of surfaces, freeing valuable shelf space and bringing the traps to the flight level of the moths.

TAB WINGS are the outer 1/4″ band of the left and right arch of the TAB.

Release the TAB WING by bending backwards and breaking the small tack that holds the TAB in place at the inner edge.

TAB WINGS can be used in 3 configurations:

  1. TUCK – Friction fit the TAB NECK or WING TUCK
    The edges of the TAB slide into narrow openings, found on door frames, between shelf and walls, or under shelf supports.  If a thicker edge is needed, fold one or both TAB WINGS toward the center creating a two or three times thicker TUCK edge.able catch long wings bending-toward-loop-1_sml
  2. HOOK – onto edges the SLIM HOOK or DEEP HOOK
    Bend the TAB WINGS back to the mid wing (where color shifts darkers) for a SLIM HOOK capable of hanging on 1/2″ thick frames, or edges.  Breaking tack and bending the TAB WINGS back to the base of the neck opens the DEEP HOOK capable of hanging on a 1″ edge.
  3. LOOP – around objects with a STACK LOOP or CLASP LOOP
    Folding the TAB WINGS upwards creating a loop capable of wrapping around a shelf support or drawer handle up to 1″ diameter.



During PLACE the trap located in an area where moths have been seen.

Up Next:

In the next Step INSPECT the trap is checked for activity after 10 – 15 days, and moved if no activity has been noted.