3. Trap  • INSPECT

Printed instructions:

( Located on the inside of the ABLE CATCH Pantry Pest Trap:
3. Trap – INSPECT

INSPECT      check weekly, lure attracts mating male moths only

Detailed Instructions:

Able Catch Trap’s catch power comes from a pheromone lure bait.  The single wrap lure acts as an attractant luring male moths seeking a female.

Replace Able Catch Moth Traps when full or expired.Pheromone lures contain the equivalent of over 100 female moth’s mating scent which will draw adult mating age male moths through double size Moth Entry Zone ( MEZ ) and onto the Trap Field (which is 15% larger than most moth traps.

If the Trap has not caught any moths on the 3rd inspection, move it to an alternate location.

Weekly Inspections encourage timely replacement of full traps with new a new trap.

If the trap field (sticky surface) has very little available space, then discard the trap.  (Biodegrades 75% within 75 days).


During HANG the able catch trap used Tab Wings to hang, hook or tuck trap into an optimal trap site. Where moths have been seen.

Up Next:

In the next Step REPLACE , Full traps are replaced, while traps with additional space can use a Recharge Lure for another 90 days.