1. Set  • PLACE

Printed instructions:

( Located on the inside of the ABLE CATCH Pantry Pest Trap:
2. Set – PLACE)

PLACE      near active moths, one per enclosed area, or 10ft apart

Detailed Instructions:

Placement of moth traps matters.   The lure emits a strong pheromone, so avoiding too many traps too close is important.

Typical placement is 1 trap in an enclosed area such as a pantry, or single cupboard.   If you have individual cupboards, 1 trap per cupboard (just make sure there is no airflow between the cupboardPlace Able Catch near mothss when they are closed).  If there are more cupboards than traps, you can place the trap in the cupboard with the most activity, but leave the door open, and open the door to any nearby cupboards.

If you have have open shelves, or are placing traps in a garage, or living space, use no more than 1 trap every 10 feet.

Locations near doorways are helpful to control movement between rooms.



During FOLD the trap was formed into a tall rectangle by inserting the TAB through the SLOT

Up Next:

In the next optional Step HANG, the TAB WINGS will be deployed to enable nearly limitless placement option including airborne