1. Ready • SPLIT

Printed instructions:

( Located on the inside of the ABLE CATCH Pantry Pest Trap:
1. ReadySplit )
SPLIT fold in half ( on 2 – fold – 2 ), bend and separate traps.

Detailed Instructions & Video:

Fold both traps in half on blue line labeled ” 2 – fold – 2 “

Fold the traps along the middle line in the center, (between the two sets of tabs).  Then separate into individual moth traps.

Rock / Bend the traps back and forth, the two traps are connected by 4 ‘easy break’ perforations  designed to weaken and easily tear allowing the traps to be separated.

Up Next:

In the next Step PREFOLD (which is optional) you will fold along the remaining two fold lines ( 1 & 3 ).