1. Set  • Peel

Printed instructions:

( Located on the inside of the ABLE CATCH Pantry Pest Trap:
2. Set – PEEL)

PEEL      slowly remove release film

Detailed Instructions & Video:

Holding the trap by the TAB and PEEL the release film toward the SLOT end

Keep the film, as it contains the LURE packet to be used in the BAIT action.


The previous optional step DATE recorded the Day and Month as a quick reminder to replace after 3 months.  Sometimes when a trap no longer seems effective, it’s handy to check the date.  Odds are the lure has been in place more than 3 months.   This is very important between moth infestations when the moth trap is being used in as a sentinel moth trap.

Up Next:

In the next Step BAIT, you’ll open the LURE packet and drop the lure onto the Bullseye